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LCSC Spring 2018 Registration is OPEN - Click Here!

Updated Sunday February 11, 2018 by Logan County Soccer Club.









To register online please click the link below:

Registration Dates

January 27th – Saturday – Crescent Loves – 1 to 3 p.m. – 1st Walk-In Registration Spring 2018


February 1st – Thursday – Guthrie Housing Authority Bldg. – 6 to 8 p.m. – 2nd Walk-In Registration Spring 2018


February 3rd – Saturday – Guthrie Housing Authority Bldg. – 1 to 4 p.m. – 3rd Walk-In Registration Spring 2018


**February 8th – Thursday - Traveling team player registration deadline**


Registration Price

$110.00 Dollars: Registration for New Players (Includes Uniform Package)*
$65 Dollars: Registration for Returning Players (Uniform Package Not Included)

Family Discount

1st Child: Regular Price
2nd Child: $5 off 2nd registration
3rd + Child: $10 off each additional registration

How to Register

You may attend one of the above mentioned walk-in registrations, or you may register online or you may contact Jada Ableiter in order to register.  You MUST have a birth certificate on file with LCSC in order to play. 

LCSC has club chosen uniforms. you will need to purchase a uniform package (which consists of a blue jersey, white jersey, shorts, and socks).

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

LCSC has mandatory club chosen uniforms. All LCSC players must purchase the club chosen uniform.   The uniform will include the club logo. Uniforms are not allowed to be altered or have sponsor names placed on them. The dark color will be for the home team while the light color will be for the away team. Both colors must be ordered.

Once the uniforms have been ordered there are NO REFUNDS as they have been screen printed and numbered. The LCSC refund policy only applies to the registration fee.

The uniforms come as a package:

1 – Dark colored jersey (color chosen by LCSC BOD, LCSC logo embossed on front, player preferred number(s) on back)
1 – Light colored jersey (color chosen by LCSC BOD, LCSC logo embossed on front, player preferred number(s) on back)
1 -  Shorts (color chosen by LCSC BOD,  LCSC logo embossed on front)
1 -  Socks  (color chosen by LCSC BOD)

Price of uniform package:

$45.00 Tax included (if ordered by deadline – if not may encumber additional shipping charges)